Saturday, May 15, 2010


I belong to this really cool site called They send you out free products to try, and then ask you to spread the buzz, whether good or bad. It's completely free, and I have the opportunity to share my opinion, and you all know how I like to do that! Well, my newest Bzzz is Cover Girl Completely Ageless makeup. I'm approaching that age where "ageless" becomes more important. Some makeup now actually makes me look a little older because it settles into my wrinkles (gasp! I actually have wrinkles! When did that happen?)

The Completely Ageless Makeup actually hides the wrinkles and it stays on and looks great a long time! I actually put it on in the morning, went through my whole day, including a sweaty play practice, and I was still looking great by 10 pm that night! I've never had makeup last like that! I really do love this product! I thought I'd pass that on for what it's worth since I know some of you are also approaching that age when "ageless" is much more appealing!