Wednesday, September 21, 2011

EvoraPlus - It Whitens!

I'm excited to be back in the saddle, doing reviews again!  Let me tell you about EvoraPlus!  It is a minty teeth whitener that also freshens breath.  But it's not trays or gels or strips or toothpastes, its a mint!  How cool is that!

EvoraPlus not only whitens your teeth but it also supports gum and tooth health while freshening your breath.  EvoraPlus is all-natural and contains probiotics designed for complete oral care.  What other whitening products can claim that?

So, does it work?  Why, yes it does!  I've used it for three weeks now and I can definitely tell a difference.  My teeth are whiter.  Woohoo!  I've had trouble with tooth sensitivity in the past when I've used other products.  I didn't have any sensitiviy with this.  It's very easy to use, just let a mint dissolve on your tongue.  I love that it freshens my breath in the process!

You can purchase EvoraPlus at Walgreens or most grocery stores.  You can also purchase is online at  Oragenics is offering a coupon code for $5 off of EvoraPlus when ordered through their wedsite.  The code is EPLUS811 and is good through October 15, 2011.  Can I get another "Woohoo"?

Well, it gets even better!  One of you lucky readers can win a 30-day supply of EvoraPlus!  Are you woohooing yet?

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Disclosure: I was generously offered this opportunity for the purpose of a review. The sponsor has also offered a giveaway. The opinions are all my own and free of charge! Ü

Contest is closed and winner has been chosen.  Thanks to all you amazing readers!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm back!

Yes, it's true!  I'm finally back!  Where was I, you ask?

I had a little health setback for awhile but I'm on the mend.  To sum up the last three months... Viral Pneumonia, Bacterial Pneumonia, UTI, Kidney Infection, Sepsis.  That all equals three hospitalizations, two stays in the ICU and two surgeries.  The good news in all this is the doctors discovered a huge mass in my abdomen that was causing all this trouble.

So now after five hours of surgery the mass is gone, the uterus is gone, a few other minor parts are gone, and I'm on the road to recovery!

I'm excited to get back to the world of blogging!

So what lessons have I learned through all of this?  Mostly gratitude.  I've been very blessed in my life with all the important things, great family, great friends, a testimony of my Savior.  But I've had the opportunity to be even more grateful for all of the above.  I had my prayers answered, had friends drop and do whatever they could to help (including meals, calls, driving my kids everywhere, flowers, notes, etc), my family being there for me one hundred percent.  Yes, I am an incredibly blessed woman to be surrounded by such love.

So, has it been hard?  Yes!  Has it been worth it?  Oh, yes!