Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Fun!

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to spend more time as a family having fun!  (How sad, that we let ourselves get so busy, that this has to be a New Year's Resolution)  With my daughter's diabetes and my son's special needs, going anywhere can be an adventure in itself, and take some planning.  So with that said, off we went!

The kids and my sweet hubby wanted to go to Cabelas.  I said "sure", though next time we're going to an Antique Store (yea, picture that... my son let loose in an Antique store.... shudder)  We actually had a great time and made some wonderful memories!

Hanging out inside Cabelas

Monkeyboy loved the displays!

The shooting gallery (I love this picture!)

Then we set out for the Fighter Museum, but we got there after it closed so we just goofed around outside.  I guess we'll save that for another time (the fighter museum, not the goofing... that happens continually)!
This one cracks me up!

Everyone giving their best "model pose".  Is that the "Magnum"?

Bug's favorite activity... I'm sure she's texting about the great time we're having!

We did have a great time and I'm really looking forward to our next outing!  I sure love my family!


Ratuki! (ra-too-kee) It's fun to say, and even funner to play!  Hasbro came out with this fun game, and I was lucky enough to get to try it!  Let me just say, I have a new favorite game and it's Ratuki!  We played this game first on New Year's Eve at our family party!  We actually played it for over an hour (which is something for my family).  It's great for all ages, and we had all ages playing it!  You  know it's a good game when you start with a few players and then more and more are added because they want to come join the fun too!

Ratuki is a card game where you need to lay down cards numerically from one to five.  The fun thing is, there are different cards for each number, like the actual number "1" or one bar, or the word "one" written out.  When you throw down the five you yell "Ratuki!" and grab the pile.  It's a fast moving game and it can be as simple or as strategy-filled as you like!
 As my family often does, we then started modifying the rules and had all sorts of variations of the game going on!

It really is a great game!  Thanks Hasbro!  Now, go get yourself a set of "Ratuki" cards and let the fun begin!  Ratuki!

Disclosure:  I was given a product for the purpose of a review.  The opinions are all my own and free of charge! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gorton's Seafood January Grilled Facebook Giveaway!

If you know me at all, you know I love a good giveaway or contest!  Well, have I got one for you!

One thousand (1000) FREE grilled product coupons will be given out in four (4) Drawings of two-hundred fifty coupons (250) on: January 10, 2011; January 17, 2011; January 24, 2011; January 31, 2011. One (1) Grand Prize: Xbox 360 Console with Kinect (Retail Value $300.00) to be drawn on January 31, 2011.

Okay, okay, I know it's late notice, but better late then never!  There's still time!  And, who doesn't want an Xbox 360 Console with Kinect!  I know I do!

Just head on over to Gorton's Facebook page and enter!  It's that simple!  Hurry, though... this ends soon!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hop'n and Bop'n to KidzBop 19

My son absolutely loves KidzBop CDs!  I mean, really, really loves them!  So you can imagine how excited he was to get the new Kidz Bop 19 CD.    I'm surprised it's not worn out already!  He plays it constantly!  I think I now have the lyrics of all the songs memorized. 

He sings, he dances, he has a wonderful time!  I'm glad, because it's fun to see him have so much fun!

Now here's the funny part... when my daughter first saw the Kidz Bop CD, she groaned and said "Oh great, they're going to totally ruin all these songs!" said in her best teenage "are you kidding me?" voice.  The next thing I know, she is singing along to the songs too!  Yes, for once I was a wise mother and didn't say a thing.

Did you know that you can even listen to the Kidz Bop songs on the internet?  Just go to  How cool is that?!

So, yesterday I'm driving my daughter to school and she's listening to the radio.  I started singing along to one of the songs and she was absolutely shocked that I knew the words to the song.  I must say, I was absolutely shocked I knew the words to the song, until I realized it was one of the songs on the Kidz Bop 19 CD.  Yes, my coolness factor went up a notch!

Some of the songs include, Firework, Dynamite, Magic, Somebody to Love plus 12 others. 

Kidz Bop 19 is available wherever CDs are sold or you can purchase it online at .  You can also find the songs on iTunes.

We've all enjoyed listening to the music!  I'm glad the CDs are available in so many places, because I'm sure we'll be replacing this one after my son wears thru it with all the times it's played!  Now, go out, get the Kidz Bop 19 CD and get your bop on!

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Spring at CSN Stores!

We folks here in Arizona love this time of year!  It's absolutely gorgeous outside!  The kids are playing outdoors, our windows are open and our flowers are blooming!  Sounds like Spring, doesn't it!  Well, for you folks who are still buried under mounds of snow, I have a way for you to feel Spring too!  Go online and start looking at swing sets , everything is green, kids are playing outside, everyone's smiling in the pictures... soon you will be too!
There, does that help?

You all know I love CSN Stores!  They really do have almost everything! Gardening tools, outdoor decorations, swingsets, porch swings.... those are just the Springy things that come to mind.

Okay... if you still can't feel spring-like yet, they have these too!
Sorry... I couldn't resist!  So, if you're trapped inside hiding from all that cold and snow, go do some day-dreaming at CSN Stores!  Here. let me help you...

CSN Stores has generously offered a $35 gift code to one of you lucky readers!  See, you're feeling more springy already!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New You! Hint Review

2011... can you believe it's 2011?  Where did 2010 go?  I started some healthy changes in 2010 and I'm still going in 2011.  One of the goals was to exercise more and eat healther.  I lost 80 pounds in 2010, but gained 20 lbs. back when my Dad died, and my daughter got so ill.  Now it's 2011 and I'm back to my healthy eating and exercising.  I have been trying to keep hydrated and drink more water, but after awhile I get a little tired of water.  Enter.... Hint!  Hint is premium water with just a hint of flavor.  Let me say, I love this stuff!

I have not been a fan of flavored water in the past so I had some trepidation when trying Hint.  Again, let me state, I love this stuff!  The flavors are delicious and just the right balance between the flavor and the water.  This will probably sound crazy, but I felt like I was doing a big favor for my body by drinking Hint.  I loved that it has no calories, no sweeteners, no preservatives, and still tastes great! 

Hint comes in 10 delicious flavors like Raspberry-Lime (my personal favorite) Pomegranate-Tangerine (another favorite) Watermelon, Honeydew Hibiscus, Blackberry, Mango-Grapefruit (very yummy) Lime, Pear, Cucumber and Strawberry-Kiwi.  I'm telling you, this is good stuff!

You can find out more about Hint at It is available at over 10,000 retailers but if you can't find it near you, has it, or you can order it directly from Hint.

Hint will now be a staple in my fridge.  That's if I can keep my kids from drinking all of it.  Though, I don't feel too bad when they do, cuz it's healthy for them and so much better than pop.  Thumbs up, Hint!

Disclosure:  The product was offered to me for the purpose of a review.  The opinions are all my own and free of charge!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Out

 Do you remember playing a game as a kid, and when you needed a break or a clarification on the rules, or you were about to be tagged, you could call out "Time Out"!  What about tag team wrestling... when you're tired or worn out, or your competition is getting the best of you, you can tag your team mate and they'll take over for you.
 Why can't we have an adult "Time Out"?  When we're tired, or the burdens are heavy, or we just need a break, we can just stop and say, "Time Out"!  Or, "tag - you take it for a minute, while I catch my breath".

As a child, we didn't stop forever when we called "Time Out", we didn't quit the game, we just took a breather.  I think that's the secret.  It's okay to call "Time Out" and go take a quick nap, or take 10 minutes and have a chocolate break, or stop and feel the sunshine on your face.  I think we would handle life's stressers alot better. 

Just remember, call "Time In" as soon as you can, and get back in the game!  Think of all the fun you'll have!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Febreze Wooden Wick Candles Review and Giveaway

I'm a nut for fragrance!  I love it on me, I love it in my home!  Though, I'm a little finicky when it comes to the smells.  I don't like anything heavy or overwhelming.  When you walk in my home, I want you to think there's a great ambiance in my home, without going... "Oh, she's burning a candle."  So, enter Febreze Wooden Wick Candles!
I giggled to myself when I opened the box, without knowing anything about me, the Febreze people sent me a fragrance that I absolutely love!  Yumberry Sangria (fun name)!  Cool color, too!  I was intrigued by the wick.  It really is a thin piece of wood.  It looks like a reed for a clarinet.  So I lit the candle and sat back and watched it burn.

The wooden wick actually cracks and pops (although, very softly) just like wood in a fireplace does.  What I like about the fragrance is it is very subtle, not over-powering at all.  I loved the Yumberry Sangria (say it out loud, it's fun to say)!  The candle is a nice size too.  It's not huge and obtrusive, or small.  As Goldilocks would say, It's just the right size!

The candle comes in a lot of great scents too!  I think I'll try the Orange Honeycomb next!

Now here's the fun part... I have generously been offered two candles to give away to two of my lucky winners (one for each of you)!  How cool is that?!  They are both in the Yumberry Sangria scent!  Lucky you!

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Winners have been drawn and notified!  Congrats!  A big thank you to all you wonderful readers!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New.  As this new year begins, I've been thinking about this statement.  It kind of makes sense, something is old and worn out and we throw it away.  But should everything old be thrown away, or sent away.. out with the old?  My mom just gave me her old Ukelele.  She got it when she was really young and taught herself to play.  What a treasure she gave me, I love the memories I have of her playing the Ukelele!  I thought I had the coolest Mom (okay... I really do have the coolest Mom)!    I'm so glad we still have that old thing (I'm talking about the Ukelele, not you Mom!) 

There is wisdom and history and lessons learned in the old.  So maybe we shouldn't be so quick to toss it aside.

Take 2010 for instance.  I'm pretty happy that it's over, it was a bit of a tough year.  My Dad died, my daughter had a critical illness where we almost lost her, financial troubles... those are the ones I have the strength to mention.  So should I toss it away, glad to be rid of it?  No!  I learned some amazing lessons, I grew as a person, I gained wisdom that I wouldn't have gained in any other way, I became stronger.

So, I look forward to 2011 with eager anticipation, while looking back on 2010 with gratitude.  Happy New Year everyone!