Monday, April 14, 2014

Teachers Change Lives

I've been  lucky to have had some really great teachers throughout my education.  Teachers that cared about not only teaching me the required subjects, but teaching me how to be a better person, teachers that cared about me.

Let me tell you about my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Lowers.  She was strict!  Very strict!  You did not get away with very much in her class.  We learned our History, and English, and Science, and Math, and Social Studies (a personal favorite).  But she also taught us to sing.  We learned how to sing "Down By The Old Mill Stream".. we thought the song was pretty "old" but it was better than doing Math!  She sounds like a pretty standard teacher, doesn't she? 

She wasn't, she went the extra mile with me.  She taught me to care for others, to see a need and quietly help fill it.  I remember so vividly, she asked me to stay after school one day.  Mrs. Lowers explained to me that there was another child that didn't have very many clothes, she only had one outfit to wear to school.  She asked if I wanted to help, but we had to keep it a secret.  I was very excited!  I saved my money, and my Mom took me shopping and we bought some new school clothes for this girl.  I remember picking out the outfits that I loved and thought how excited she would be to wear them!  We wrapped them very carefully and then delivered all the packages to Mrs. Lowers.  I never knew who they went to, and she never knew where they came from.  I just knew how warm and happy I felt inside!  She opened my eyes to the fact that others may be in need.  She taught me that it takes so little to make a big difference in someone else's life.

This is a life lesson I've never forgotten.  I try to see the need and then quietly fill it.  Now that I have children, I try to teach them the same thing.  Every time we do a quiet little act of service, my heart swells with gratitude for a teacher that cared... a teacher that changed my life.

There are so many wonderful teachers out there.  They teach with little pay, many times paying for classroom supplies out of their own pocket.  In addition to their hours in the classroom, they spend hours at home correcting papers, planning lessons, and truly worrying and caring about their students. 

Let me tell you about Mary Kurt-Mason:

Have you had a teacher that changed your life?  Do you want to make a difference in someone else's life?  How about Adopting a Classroom?  Adopt a Classroom is a non-profit organization that connects donors with teachers in need.  Home Depot has partnered with Adopt A Classroom to raise awareness about teachers and all they do for their kids!  You can go here to register your classroom if you're a teacher, or if you'd like to donate to one of these amazing teachers!  #TeachersChange Lives and so can you.  That's what Mrs. Lowers taught me.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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