Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hyper Sleep

My son has the most vivid imagination! Because of his special needs he has a lot of trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. Well, right now he is on a space kick. Can I just toot my horn a little? Last night he was bouncing off the walls (literally) instead of going to sleep. So I came up with a brilliant idea! I went into his room and informed him that I was turning his bed into a hyper sleep chamber. He thought that sounded very cool! So we folded up some blankets and I had him lay down. He told me how many hours he needed of hyper sleep and I "programmed" it into his sleep chamber with an older remote control I had. I then snuggled him in, did a quick medical scan (same remote control!) and then hit the hyper sleep button. Can you believe, it worked?! My son was asleep in minutes and actually for the first time in years slept through the night! Wahoo for the hyper sleep chamber! We'll ride this idea as long as we can, then I guess we'd better invent something else.... any ideas?

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