Thursday, August 12, 2010


ADOT (Arizona Dept of Transportation) is famous for their road construction.... and not in a good way.  One minute the road is fine, the next minute the road is torn to smithereens and practically impassable as they fix the road.  No warning, no nothing, just BAM a big Detour sign right in front of you.  Sorry... detour...  Maybe a 'heads up' a little sooner would help us navigate the roads around here.  I'm out running errands this morning and all of a sudden, BAM, detour.  Did I know it was coming?  No.  Did it take me longer to get to my destination? Yes.  Was I irritated at the sight of that sign?  Oh, yes. 

While detouring onto another road, I ran into (not literally - hee-hee!) an old friend of mine out riding her bike.  I hadn't seen her in ages!  What a wonderful surprise!  We stopped, we chatted, and my day was better and brighter by that encounter!

Isn't life like that?  When I was fresh out of high school I knew where I was headed.  I had my destination squarely set in my mind and roadmap in hand, as I headed out on the road of life.  BAM!  Detour.... no warnings, no nothing.  Just a great big barrier.  Or so I thought.  As I traveled on this detour, this new path, I learned, and saw, and became a much better me. 

All through life I've hit detours, BAM!  Did I know it was coming?  No.  Did it take me longer to get to my destination?  Yes.  Was I irritated at that detour?  Oh, yes.  But those detours have made me who I am today.  I have discovered talents and abilities I never knew were in me.  I've discovered wonderful friends, that would never have crossed my path without those detours.  I've discovered an inner strength that I never knew I had.  I've traveled roads I never knew existed. 

So, do detours BAM! still irritate me?  Yes....    Are they worth it?  Oh, yes!

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