Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hawaiin Kettle Style Chips - Aloha!

I love chips, almost all kinds of chips!  But I had never tried Kettle Style Chips.  Enter Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips!
 The family and I had an opportunity to try several flavors of Hawaiian Style Kettle Chips.  Yum!  We started with the Original Flavor.  I loved the crunch and the taste, just the right amount of salty!  These are my new go-to chips!

Next we tried the Wasabi.  One chip sent my son and I running to the kitchen for water!  These babies are spicy!  These were my husband's favorite chips.  He loves these things.  A little too hot for me, but he now looks for these all the time in the store.  My daughter liked them alot too.  I guess my son and I are Wasabi wimps!

After my taste buds settled down we went for the Luau BBQ next.  I really like these, though they have a bit of kick to them also.  They are just the right amount of sweet and spicy!  These were my daughter's favorites.  I really enjoyed them, but I kept water handy! 
These were my second favorite, almost a tie for first!  I loved the onion flavor!  It was just right, not too overpowering!  These are great chips!  My son absolutely loved these!  I had to keep looking for the bag, because he kept sneaking them into his room. 

Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips are made with real potatoes that are sliced and then slow cooked in a select blend of oils!  These really are good chips!  I highly recommend them, though you may have to buy several different flavors to please everyone in your family!

You can purchase them online at  They really are delicious!  Try them and find out for yourself!  But be warned... that Wasabi is hot!!

Disclosure:  The products were provided to me for the purpose of a review. The opinions are all my own, and free of charge!


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