Monday, July 7, 2014

Police Costume equals Pretty Cool!

My son has had a fascination with police from a very young age.  I can't count the times he would come out and "arrest" me for making him clean his room!  I thought it would be really fun for him to have his own police uniform!  Enter  They have a great selection of police costumes. 

The one I picked is great!  When the package came, I called my son in to open it up.  You can't believe how excited he was!  "Mom, that is so cool!" "Are those real handcuffs?" "How can I possibly wait till Halloween?"  "It has a hat AND a badge?" Can I go arrest my sister?" are just a few of the things that came tumbling out of him.  And no, I didn't make him wait until Halloween. Ü

The police costume consisted of a police shirt with great official-looking patches on either sleeve, a hat, a badge, black belt, handcuffs, and a baton.  He looks pretty handsome if I say so myself!

I was impressed with how quickly our costume came. gave me great customer service and I had a fun time searching through all the costumes!

So, it being summer and all, I decided to enlighten my children's cartoon-soaked minds.  We did some research on police.  Did you know that the New York Sheriff's Office was founded in 1626?  I had no idea.  My daughter wants to be a forensic scientist or a crime scene investigator, so she actually found some interesting info also.

So, all in all, the costume was a huge hit!  We got to have a teaching moment, he loves wearing the costume, and he has a great time enforcing the "law" around our home.  Right this minute he is in trying to arrest his sister for not sharing her Nintendo DS.  I better go intervene before she has HIM arrested for trespassing!

Disclosure:  I received this costume for the purpose of a review.  The opinions are all mine and free of charge!

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