Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Too Much Nature

I love Nature, I really do.... just not this close! Last night we head into the garage and find a nasty scorpion! Have I mentioned I don't do scorpions? Have I mentioned I've been stung seven times by two of the little critters? Have I mentioned I really don't like scorpions! Needless to say, that specimen was quickly dispatched before he/she/it could produce other scorpions. So is that it, with the whole nature thing? Oh no.. it couldn't be that easy.....

My wonderful hubby comes in from work tonight and invites me outside to see what's in my flowers. A snake.... a big king snake... that's what's in my flowers. But wait... there's more. This king snake is dining on another snake. That means there WERE TWO SNAKES in my flowers! Thankfully there is only one now (that I know of) but that's still one to many in my flowers. Now, I understand they serve a purpose, but perhaps they can serve a purpose some place other than in my flower beds.

So after bravely snapping a picture of above said snake, I quickly retired inside for the rest of the evening. Yes, I've had a little too much nature for one day!

2 Responses to "A Little Too Much Nature"

Jaclyn Says :
April 30, 2010 at 8:05 PM

Not fun at all! I am still getting used to seeing spiders in my house which will be happening soon since it is getting warmer! Ew!!!

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