Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools?

So, I'm in Walmart alternately shopping and people-gawking, oops... I mean people watching (hey, sometimes you have to gawk at Walmart!) I hear an announcement over the loudspeaker asking us all to evacuate the store as a precaution. I'm thinking, "Okay, April Fools!" Nope, here comes a walmart employee making sure we leave the building. It turns out that they had a bat flying around inside the Walmart. At this point I'm sure it is an April Fools Joke so I'm smiling brightly for the candid cameras that I'm sure are filming this. Nope.... they are really evacuating the store because there is a bat inside.

So, what's the deal? Too many Twilight movies? Dracula on the brain? Rabid bats? We really had to evacuate for a bat. At this point, I'm worrying that the bat is going after my Easter chocolate (it's for the kids.... really!) I waited patiently outside, all the while humming the Batman Theme (na na na na na na na na, Batman, Batman, Batman). Holy Easter Bunny Batman! We'll she ever get her chocolate back?

Sadly I had to abandon my chocolate to the bat. I was out of time.

You've won this round, bat.....

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