Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AcquaEssentials Review

When I was in my twenties I paid very little attention to all those advertisements about skin moisturizers and anti-wrinkles creams.  Now I'm glued to the commercials!  So when offered me some free samples, I jumped at the chance!  I tried samples from the Caviahue and the Modariz lines.  I loved them both, but really, really loved the Caviahue Anti-Wrinkle Cream!  The amazing folks over at AcquaEssentials let me try a full size bottle.  Yes, I'm hooked!

According to their website;  "The Caviahue product line is based on the renowned thermal water from Caviahue, a pristine spa located in the heart of the Andes Mountain Rainge in Patagonia."  I feel so continental!  The Anti-wrinkle cream works while you sleep restoring the two uppermost layers of the skin.

I live in a dry, hot climate so my skin is always dry.  Add wrinkles into that, and it's not a pretty picture.  The Caviahue Anti-wrinkle cream feels so wonderful going on!  It's light and not a bit greasy-feeling.  Plus, it absorbed right into my skin.  I put it on right before I jump in bed and by the time I hit the bed, it's all absorbed into my skin.  Right away my skin feels better, more moisturized, and feels smooth to the touch.  That right there is a big selling point for me!  But, you ask, does it really work?  Yes, it really does.

I've been using it for about two weeks and my skin already looks better!  I think my wrinkles are less noticeable, and my son actually said, "Mom, your skin feels nice" when he gave me a kiss on the cheek good-night.  Yes, that scored major mom points for him!  In the past I've been kind of hit and miss when it comes to applying moisturizers at bed-time.  Sometimes I'm just too tired.  I have not missed a night since I started using Caviahue Anti-wrinkle Cream.  It feels too good on my skin to miss even one night!

You can try it for yourself!  Just visit AcquaEssentials and request a sample pack.  Simply pay for shipping, $5.84, to receive:
  • 1 Caviahue Thermal Mud Sample (one application)
  • 3 Caviahue Anti Wrinkle Cream Samples (three applications)
  • 3 Caviahue Nourishing-Moisturizing Cream Samples (three applications)
  • 3 Mondariz Hydro-Woman Cream Samples (three applications)
  • 3 Mondariz Hydro-Man Cream Samples (three applications)

I definitely give a thumbs up!  I'm excited to see how much my skin will improve as I continue to use it!

Disclosure:  AcquaEssentials provided a product free of charge for the purpose of a review.  The opinions expressed are all my own, and free of charge!

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