Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Light Catcher Curtains - Wow!

I was lucky enough to get to review Light Catcher Curtains.  Let me just say, I love these curtains!

They are  a new line of room darkening curtains that help create the perfect sleeping environment for your baby (or anyone else who needs or wants a dark room to sleep in).  LightCatcher’s revolutionary beautiful quality fabric helps shield out light, noise and drafts, keeping the room cool, dark and quiet.

While these curtains were designed with babies in mind, I see so many applications!  Like the person who works the night shift and needs to sleep during the day, or the person who suffers from insomnia and needs a dark, quiet room to sleep in, or the teenager who just likes to sleep past sun-up and doesn't want to be bothered by daylight, or the child with sensory needs (which is a big one for us!)

While I don't have a baby in my home, I definitely have a teenager and a son with sensory issues.  I wanted to order a pair for my son's room but we're still in negotiations for his room makeover, so I ordered some for my daughter's room and let my son sleep in her room a few nights.

I visited BuyBuyBaby.com and made my choice.  The only drawback I can see, is it's hard to see the actual patterns of the material on their website.  I wish they had a better close up of the curtains so you knew exactly what you were getting.  Now, that being said, when the curtains came I was pleasantly surprised!  I loved the pattern!  They had the room darkening material and on top of that a light gauzy material with cute light pink flowers on it.  They were even a bit fuzzy to the touch!  Very cute!

We got them hung and immediately her room was much darker!  Plus, they are way cute!  So, my daughter thinks they are the best invention since chocolate!  She loves a very dark room, and she gets that with these curtains.

Next, I let my son try these out.  Let me give you a little history.  My son has Sensory Processing Disorder and has had trouble sleeping since... well... forever.  He moves constantly and is really sensitive to his surroundings.  In order for him to sleep he wraps up like a coccoon.  I was really interested to see how these curtains would help him.  For the first time in... well I can't remember... my son slept through the night.  He actually slept through the night.  So, was it a fluke?  Nope, he slept through the night the next three nights.

Am I buying a pair for my son's room?  You better believe it!  These are amazing!  I'm anxious to see how well they work in the summer when it is so hot around here.

These are available at BuyBuy Baby stores or online at www.buybuybaby.com  I am truly grateful for these curtains, not because my daughter has a dark room to sleep in (though she's thrilled!), but because my son actually slept through the night.  That's huge....

Disclosure:  I was generously given this product for the purpose of a review.  The opinion expressed are all my own and free of charge!

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