Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beecology Review

You know me... always on the lookout for the "latest and greatest"!  Well, I found a great new product I want to tell you about.  The company is called Beecology (fun name!) and they make the coolest beauty products!

Here's an introduction from their website :

So how did we become a well known distributor of natural bath and body products, including: all natural shampoo and conditioner products, all natural soaps, and all natural lip balms?
About four years ago a co-worker of mine asked if he could put a beehive at my family farm. I said yes, thinking I would bear no responsibility, but (here it comes) after two weeks his wife became pregnant and he told me he couldn't tend to them. I was a beekeeper by default. At first I couldn't believe I would be taking care of bees, but I soon became fascinated with bee culture and science.

I started to learn about bees and attended workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus. Beyond enjoying the science of bees, just the act of tending to bees gave me time to reflect. It became a very cathartic activity. And I started to realize that the world of bees imitated our life on earth. The tiniest changes in the environment are reflected in the bees' environment, which led me to think about the foods we eat and the chemicals we use and the impact these outside factors have on bees and on us.
Natural body care products from nature’ s impressive body of work. 
Family-made small-batch hair, skin and lip products.
Some may feel that in this culture of consumerism and consumption that it may sound like disingenuous claptrap to claim that we did not create Beecology to make money. Think what you will, but we do donate 10% of our profits to charities. We do engage in business practices that are not necessarily the most profitable such as bending over backward to use natural, sustainable ingredients in every product.
So, does this stuff work?  I say a resounding Yes!  Beecology generously sent me samples of their Shampoo, Conditioner, Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Wash,  and their lip balm.  Love, love, love them all!

Let's start with the Lemongrass Body Wash.  I love this stuff! The smell is a light citrus smell and reminds me of our citrus grove.  My skin felt clean and moisturized afterward. The scent made me feel refreshed and ready to face the day!  This is definitely a repeat buy for me!

Now, on to the Shampoo and Conditioner... Also great stuff!  My hair actually felt silky afterward!  I have very fine, limp hair (gasp, I said that out loud!) and this shampoo didn't leave my hair flat.  It actually seemed to hold it's style a little longer.  I've been trying to think of words to describe the smell, and I can't, except that I really like it!  I can tell you that it's Sulfate-Free, and has all these wonderful natural ingredients, but you can read about it here.  The important thing is my hair is clean, conditioned, looks great and smells great! 

The Lip balm now has a permanent place of residence in my purse so I can have access to it at all times!  Though, my daughter keeps trying to snag it from me, cuz she likes it too.  I've got to keep an eye on her!

Thanks, Beecology for making great products and for introducing them to me!  You definitely have a new customer!

Disclosure:  Beecology generously provided me samples of the above mentioned products.  The opinions are all my own, and free of charge!

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