Friday, October 29, 2010

Soda Stream Review

Let me start with.... WOW!  I love this product!  I was generously given a Soda Stream and lots and lots of flavors to try and again... WOW!

We have had so much fun with our Soda Stream!  It felt like Christmas when we opened our package!  So many fun favors!  We got right to work making soda...

Soda Stream makes soda with water right out of your tap!  You just add some fizz (from the carbonator that Soda Stream provides) and some flavor and voila! delicious soda!  They have over 25 flavors to try including sparkling water flavors!

The thing that I love is that we now have soda readily on hand and for a lot less! After your initial purchase of a home soda maker package, you'll enjoy seltzer and sparkling water in reusable 1-liter PET bottle for just $.20 per liter and flavored sodas for about $.25 per can.

Now here's the thing I really love.  There is only an average of 9 carbs per serving compared to about 27 carbs per serving of regular soda.  If you count calories it's an average of about  35 calories compared to an average of 100 for store bought soda.

So it's less expensive and healthier, how does it taste?  Wonderful!  Every flavor we've tried has been amazing!  I love that it doesn't take electricity or batteries so it's very portable.  It is very easy to use also.  A couple helpful hints though...

Make sure you only fill the bottle to the fill line or you might have a bit of a mess.  Also, we discovered the hard way that you need to tilt the bottle a little when you add the flavoring or it might fizz over the top!

The carbonator bottles last a long time and they are refillable by either the Soda Stream exchange program online, or to a retail store that handles the exchanges.  I discovered the Kohl's right down the road from me can do this for me!

I highly recommend this product!  It really has been a wonderful thing to have.  It is quite a treat for my kids (and for me too) to make my own soda!  My personal favorite is Diet Pink Grapefruit, or maybe Coke Zero, or maybe Diet Lemon Lime, or Apple Mango or.... okay, I love them all!  My kids' favorite is definitely the Rootbeer followed by the Orange.  Though they haven't found a flavor they don't like.  I like the Sparkling Water flavors because now Matthew will drink water whereas before... not so much.

Thank you Soda Stream for this amazing opportunity to review this product!  I am a believer!  Now, if you'll excuse me it's off to make some soda!

Disclosure Policy:  Soda Stream generously sent me this product to review.  The opinions expressed are all my own and free of charge!

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My name means Wisdom Says :
October 30, 2010 at 3:23 AM

I totally want one of these!

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October 30, 2010 at 10:03 AM

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