Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Too Much Nature, part two

Okay, you know from previous posts that I'm not a big fan of snakes.  Now, I know that they're useful (some of them) and I know that most of them are harmless, but... still not a fan.  They give me the willies, they really do.  Side note.... I wonder if seeing a human gives them the willies?  Hmmm....

So, last night I'm on the run trying to fit 100 things into 99 minutes worth.  I learned that trick from my mom!  I open the garage door and load the passenger seat with all the things I need to do, part of a meal into a friend, returning a paint tray, book for another friend, a thank you gift for someone else, well... you get the picture.  I slam the door and start to head around the front of the car when what do I spy?  Oh yes, a snake.  Not just a little baby snake. A great big 4 foot king snake!  Do you know why that snake is 4 feet?  I'm sure it's the same king snake that was feasting on a gopher snake mentioned in a previous post.

We come face to face, I let out quite a squeal and freeze in my tracks (okay, I admit it, I jumped back a little!).  Then I realize my garage door is wide open and that's the direction the humongous snake is heading.  So I glare at said snake and tell it to "Shoo"!  It didn't like to be told to "Shoo" so it reared back like it was going to strike.  So, what to do?  Back away and let it go in my garage where I will never be able to set foot in again knowing the snake is hiding in there, or stand my ground.  I chose to stand my ground!  (Which consisted of turning around and running as fast as I could in the house, hollering for my husband to save me from the snake and then gingerly running back to confront said snake and stop it from going in the garage.  Whew....  are you exhausted from the mental picture?

Thankfully, snakey decided my retreat was a good time to retreat himself.  When I came back out he was heading into the nearest gopher hole.  My husband was thrilled because he knows that means less gophers.  Me, not so thrilled because that means said snakey is still lurking somewhere in my front yard.

All day I have gingerly gotten into and out of the car always vigilant, always watchful.  Do you think snakey is doing the same thing, watching out for the crazy redhead?

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Jaclyn Says :
October 22, 2010 at 7:04 AM

I don't like snakes, either! Luckily, it has been awhile since I have seen one... but, this morning I did have to kill a spider in the shower... I hate when I have to do that!! Reminds me of Arachnophobia!!!

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