Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Out

 Do you remember playing a game as a kid, and when you needed a break or a clarification on the rules, or you were about to be tagged, you could call out "Time Out"!  What about tag team wrestling... when you're tired or worn out, or your competition is getting the best of you, you can tag your team mate and they'll take over for you.
 Why can't we have an adult "Time Out"?  When we're tired, or the burdens are heavy, or we just need a break, we can just stop and say, "Time Out"!  Or, "tag - you take it for a minute, while I catch my breath".

As a child, we didn't stop forever when we called "Time Out", we didn't quit the game, we just took a breather.  I think that's the secret.  It's okay to call "Time Out" and go take a quick nap, or take 10 minutes and have a chocolate break, or stop and feel the sunshine on your face.  I think we would handle life's stressers alot better. 

Just remember, call "Time In" as soon as you can, and get back in the game!  Think of all the fun you'll have!

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