Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Fun!

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to spend more time as a family having fun!  (How sad, that we let ourselves get so busy, that this has to be a New Year's Resolution)  With my daughter's diabetes and my son's special needs, going anywhere can be an adventure in itself, and take some planning.  So with that said, off we went!

The kids and my sweet hubby wanted to go to Cabelas.  I said "sure", though next time we're going to an Antique Store (yea, picture that... my son let loose in an Antique store.... shudder)  We actually had a great time and made some wonderful memories!

Hanging out inside Cabelas

Monkeyboy loved the displays!

The shooting gallery (I love this picture!)

Then we set out for the Fighter Museum, but we got there after it closed so we just goofed around outside.  I guess we'll save that for another time (the fighter museum, not the goofing... that happens continually)!
This one cracks me up!

Everyone giving their best "model pose".  Is that the "Magnum"?

Bug's favorite activity... I'm sure she's texting about the great time we're having!

We did have a great time and I'm really looking forward to our next outing!  I sure love my family!

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