Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Common Sense

Parenting my son is... let's call it an adventure.  It is never dull, and needs all my attention, knowledge, wisdom, and sense of humor that I possess.  Let me share a glimpse....

We're are driving in the car and my daughter is applying mascara using the car mirror.  My son says, "Don't you have any common sense?  You shouldn't put on makeup in the car."  (He has a point, I myself have had a mascara mishap in the past while driving in the car.)  While my daughter is bristling at his comment, he turns his attention to the other passenger in the car, one of my daughter's friends.  He starts to tell her the ending of a movie that she hasn't seen yet.

Of course, my daughter jumps right in with "Don't you have any common sense?  You don't tell the ending of the movie to people!"  To which my son replies, "Of course I have common sense.  I just choose not to use it sometimes."  Truer words were never spoken!

Most of us have been blessed with a healthy dose of common sense.  Yet, we've met a lot of people in our lives that choose not to use it.  Yes, I've even been one of those people in my younger years.  (Okay, I admit it, there have been a few times lately too!)  Common sense tells you to go the speed limit.  Common sense tells you not to stick your hand in a dark hole, there might be something lurking in there.  Common sense tells you to stop, take a breath, and count to ten before you reply back to a stinging comment.

How much better would this old world be if we just chose to use our common sense more often.  Thanks, son for that bit of wisdom.  Now, please stop edging closer and closer to that mud puddle.  Common sense says.... sigh.... too late!

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