Friday, February 4, 2011

Every Woman Needs Roses!

Beauty is essential for the soul!  Everyone needs a little beauty in their lives.  Along those lines, I'm a firm believer that every woman needs to receive flowers at least once in their life.  When my hubby and I were dating, he brought me a single red rose.  He was handsomely rewarded!  He earned big time points for that romantic gesture.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching.  I don't feel like it's just for couples anymore, I think it's a day to let those we love know we... well... we love them!  It's for moms and dads, kids, families, friends, neighbors to share the love!  My mom always made us heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting on them, every Valentine's Day.  She still does!  What a wonderful memory!

For those of you who want to share the love the traditional way, let me tell you about  They ship roses and other flowers directly to your door from their South American Rose farms, flowers that are on average 7-10 days fresher than any other flowers you can purchase in your local market.  Did I mention that their shipping is free?  Ah, you're intrigued, aren't you?

My flowers arrived in a big red box.  I was so excited to open it, and felt like quite the princess carrying it inside!  I paused a little for effect, just in case any neighbors were watching!
Here's what greeted me when I opened the box!  I could hardly wait to get all the wrapping and packing stuff off!
Then I set to work, clipping off the end of the stems (so the roses could drink) and arranging them in a vase.  Please note, as you can tell by the following pictures I am so NOT a flower arranger.  Yet, somehow that didn't matter because the roses themselves are so beautiful!

These are a beautiful bi-color rose! The picture does not do them justice.  The colors are bright and absolutely gorgeous!  There are two dozen of these beauties!  But wait.... there's more!

I got two dozen of these beautiful white roses also.  Yes, you heard right... I got four dozen roses.  Yes, I'm still a little light-headed from the thought of having four dozen roses in my home at one time!  Here's a close-up of the white ones so you can see the quality of the roses.

This is how they looked right out of the box!  You can imagine how gorgeous they are going to be as they finish opening!

My daughter came home from school, stopped short as soon as she saw the roses, gasped, and said, "Mom, who sent you all the roses?  Wow, someone sure likes you!  Was it Dad?"  I let her play the guessing game for awhile until I told her I got to review them!  She kept trying to take them to her room, but nope, they need to stay out where everyone can enjoy them! has roses, rose petals, and even flowers for your wedding.  But don't delay, get those orders in now... after all, they need time to ship them!  I still can't believe I have four dozen roses in my home!  I stop and smell them all the time and love looking at them!   Okay, it's time to start dropping those hints!  These roses are stunning!

Disclosure:  I was generously given these roses for the purpose of a review.  The opinions expressed are all my own and free of charge!

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