Thursday, September 6, 2012

Motion Sickness - Be Gone!

I have been plaqued with motion sickness all my life!  I've learned all the tricks, fresh air blowing on me, keeping my eyes fixed forward, and absolutely no reading while I'm in the car!  Blegh....

Trips were always miserable, curvy mountain roads were torture!  I missed out on lots of amusement park rides because they made me throw up.  Blegh...

Then I discovered Dramamine!  What a lifesaver!  I could take a pill, and then be able to do the things everyone else in my family could!  I even went on a boat, woo hoo! The only drawback was how drowsy I felt when I took it.  Though, when you think of motion sickness and all the symptoms associated with it, drowsiness was well-worth it.

Now, Dramamine has come up with Dramamine Less Drowsy!  My family recently took a road trip down to Tucson.  I took Dramamine Less Drowsy and was able to enjoy the trip down and back, plus all the driving we did (including lots of u-turns as we tried to find different destinations!).  I didn't feel so tired as I usually do on Dramamine.  Plus, one pill lasted 24 hours.  I could be a Dramamine Poster Child!  This stuff allows me to enjoy vacations with my family, and take trips that used to be just horrible. 

There is also Dramamine for Kids which comes in a safe, precise children's dose.  It prevents motion sickness.  I wish I had this as a kid.  I hated getting sick, then begging Dad to pull over because I was going to throw up. Then, having all my brothers and sisters making comments and gagging noises!  Geesh!

Now, not only is Dramamine a wonderful solution for me, but they are also offering an opportunity to win a week long cruise!  You know I'm all over that!  Entering is easy!  Just go to and click on the sweepstakes banner.  Just tell them in 50 words or less why you wished you had used Dramamine on a recent trip, and you could be chosen to win a week long cruise for four people!  Oh yeah!  Four finalists will receive a travel package containing headphones, an e-reader (Kindle fire), neck pillows, eye masks and of course, Dramamine!  How fun!

Go enter!  But hurry, the contest ends September 30th, 2012.

Thanks Dramamine, for giving me back the chance to have travel adventures with my family again!

Disclosure:  I received samples for the purpose of a review.  The opinions are all my own and free of charge!

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