Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Look, how pretty!

Okay, do you just love my new blog makeover?  I most certainly do!  But before you go and think that I'm clever enough to do this, let me set you straight.  This amazing makeover was created especially for me by Colleen over at Shibley Smiles.  Let me tell you, she is one amazing gal!  Somehow she managed to figure out just what I wanted in a blog and my personality, without ever meeting me!  Cool, huh!

Not only did she do an amazing blog makeover, but she went above and beyond by answering all my questions, doing a really cute blog button, AND being incredibly patient with me and my ignorance on all things HTML!

If you're looking for an amazing blog makeover, or just want to visit an amazing blog, head on over to Shibley Smiles !  Tell her Valeen sent you (hee-hee, I always wanted to say that!)

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