Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Johnny Test for DS - Hey, that rhymes!

My son is a video game addict (well, he would be if I'd let him) so when I heard about the chance to review the new Johnny Test game for Nintendo DS, I jumped at the chance!

 If you haven't seen the cartoon series, Johnny Test is a fearless 11 year old boy who goes on adventures with his genetically engineered super talking dog Dukey.  Usually these adventures are caused by his two super smart twin sisters, who use Johnny as a guinea pig in their science experiments.  It's a fun cartoon, and now it's been made into a game for the Nintendo DS.

When I showed my son the Johnny Test game, he went whooping around the house in excitement!  Then he sat glued to his DS while he ran this game through its' paces.  My son has a tendency to burn through games pretty quickly, getting to the end of the game and then getting bored.  He still loves this game!  It has twelve  different missions and three different versions of Johnny Test.  I'm happy to say he still hasn't gotten to the end! 

There are plenty of gadgets and power ups, and you can even customize the mood and ego of your Johnny.

The game is rated E for everyone and is quite a fun game!  Yes, I played it, and yes, my son again, beat the socks off of me!  I can never win against him....  My son actually laughs out loud as he plays Johnny Test.

It's a great game and is available wherever games are sold for $29.99. 

It would make a great gift in an Easter basket, I'm just saying.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go practice on the game while my son is at school.  That way I'm not quite so soundly beaten the next time we play!

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