Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Neck Pain - Be Gone!

A long time ago I was in a pretty big car accident. Over twenty years later, I still have the memories and the neck pain.  I can get the most unbelievable neck spasms, muscle tension and headaches, especially if I'm stressed, and what woman doesn't have her fair share of stress!  Over the years I've tried lots of different things to help ease the pain.  One of my methods is to use Bengay.  The problem was I would only use it at night, because who wants to go around smelling like Bengay all day.  I'd rather smell like Cucumber Melon, or White Citrus! Ü  Plus, my hands would always smell like Bengay long after I'd applied it to my neck.

Well, Bengay has solved that problem!  They have come out with a new product called Bengay Pain Relief and Massage.  It has this really cool applicator that you can use to apply the Bengay and massage it in!

It's so easy to use... you turn the applicator counter-clockwise and squeeze a tiny bit out.  Then you twist the applicator clockwise to close it.  Then you can massage it into the affected area, (my neck) without touching the gel.  The nubs on the applicator offer a nice massage as you are rubbing in the Bengay gel.

After a few minutes the Bengay scent goes away.  I gave it the ultimate test... I sat next to my son who has a super sniffer and he didn't notice anything!  It is still the Bengay I've come to trust through the years, just new and improved.

Bengay Pain Relief and Massage is available nationwide and retails for around $7.79 for 3 oz.  I have to tell you, I'm a fan!  I actually have it on my neck right now as I'm typing this!

Thanks Bengay!


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