Friday, December 16, 2011

ABBA You Can Dance - Oh, yes I can!

ABBA, Did someone say ABBA?  I admit it freely, I am a huge ABBA fan, was then, still am!  So when I was offered the opportunity to host an ABBA You Can Dance Houseparty... I jumped at the chance!

Over the years I have been carefully crafting my children into ABBA fans too (insert evil laugh here) and they can sing along to almost every ABBA song.  So, I carefully sat them down, told them we got to review ABBA You Can Dance and have a party at the same time... well... did you hear the joyous screaming and whooping all the way to your home?

To add to the building excitement, we received a Disco Ball in the mail.  Yes, I did say Disco Ball!  How fun is that!  We turned it on to get a preview of it, and wow!  Our home seemed like a Disco Palace!  Bring on ABBA!

The night of the party arrived and what fun we had!  The kids were greeted with a Disco Ball and groovy lighting, lots of yummy fondue (yes, every 70's party has to have fondue!) and ABBA playing in the background!  Then it was time to let the fun begin!

We had a wonderful time dancing to the music of ABBA!  You can follow the dance moves on the screen and dance along with the Wii remote tracking your movement and scoring your dance.  If you pull off a "Gold move" you get even more points!  You can play alone or dance (compete) with others.

Let me take a moment to tell you about the game.  ABBA You Can Dance included 26 ABBA hits that have been digitally remastered for the Wii.  You can play with up to four friends.  It has a mini-musical section where you actually can put on a mini musical with ABBA songs.  You KNOW I loved this part since I'm involved in theater!

There is a karaoke option with the the lyrics appearing at the bottom of the screen.  You can also plug in a USB microphone and your voice can be heard through the TV singing along.  Please note, the microphone is not included in the video game.  I still had great fun singing along!

In the "Extras" section there are ABBA music videos, photos, and concert footage!  Very fun!

We had an absolute blast playing this game!  For you readers who have been following along for awhile, you know that my son always, always, always whomps me when it comes to video games.  Well, I can triumphantly state that, "Not this time, boy"!  I was truly a Dancing Queen!  (You know I had to go there!)  Speaking of which, that was probably the favorite song of the night among everyone!

I also feel like I have added to the kids' cultural richness by introducing some of them to ABBA (my kids already knew them!), fondue, disco balls, and the 70's!  I'm sure they're better because of it! Ü

I highly recommend ABBA You Can Dance!  It is available at and, or other stores where Wii games are sold.  This is now my kid's after-school go-to game!  What a proud moment for me!  It really is a lot of fun!

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