Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aeropostale - My Daughter's favorite... and then some!

My daughter loves Aeropostale clothes so of course, it's on her Christmas wish list.  Though, she always teases me because some times I say "Aeropostale" wrong (I like to pronounce the 'e' at the end even though that's incorrect).  I was checking things out there, and did a little exploring on their website.  Did you know they have clothes for people besides my daughter?  Who knew?

I popped over to the guy's section and found out these very cool long sleeve shirts! I love them! 

Hmmm... do you think my sweet hubby would like this for Christmas?  I know I'd like to see my handsome husband in it! Ü
They have a great sale on Jeans right now too!  Okay, attention dear husband, stop reading NOW!

I think Santa will be bringing some new, very cool clothes to my husband and of course, my daughter.  The have great gift ideas and even stocking stuffers!  Very fun!

Attention, attention dear husband, start reading again HERE!  May I just add that there are some thinkgs I would love at Aeropostale too!  They have darling hats, mittens, and scarves, plus great clothing.

Check out this coat!  Very masculine!

Aeropostale is a great place to do your Holiday shopping.  I can't believe how side-tracked I became checking everything out on their website.  They have some great sales going on right now, just in time for Christmas!

Now... back to shopping for my family, and adding to my Christmas wish list!  Did you check out those Fair Isle hats?  Too cute!

Disclosure:   The sponsor provided compensation. The opinions expressed are all my own and free of charge!

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