Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bejeweled Frenzy!

Go on, admit it... you love Bejeweled Blitz!  I most certainly do! So, when I was offered the opportunity to review a new game called Bejeweled Frenzy... well, you know I was all over that!

So, Bejeweled Frenzy from Hasbro is a card game where the players race to match gems and build the largest stack of cards.  There are also Boost Gems (who doesn't love sparkly things!).  Speaking of sparkly, the cards are a little sparkly too!

The basic premise of the game is a lot like Bejeweled.  Players take turns picking a card and try to make a match of three gems.  If you're successful you can collapse your stack and get a gem.  Gems and cards are worth different points.  The person with the most points at the end of the game wins!  It's not complicated at all, easy to catch on and start playing immediately.

The game is rated at ages 8+, for 2-4 players.  The approximate retail price is $14.99

We had a great time playing this as a family.  My son didn't even mind that he was playing with sparkly cards and gems!  We recently went on a trip and spent a lot of time playing Bejeweled Frenzy!  We really enjoy it! Though, I will add that it is more fun with four players, than with just two. We're bringing it to our family reunion and I think it will be a hit there.

So, now I have two different ways to be addicted to Bejeweled!  I think my kids are actually getting a little tired of me always asking them to play Bejeweled Frenzy with them!  Nah..... they love it too!

Disclosure:  I was offered the game for the purpose of a review.  The opinions are all my own and free of charge!

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